Welcome to Ballistipedia

Ballistipedia is a collaborative website about modern firearms, artillery, and ammunition that anyone can edit! The information on this site will cover roughly the last five hundred years. This site id intended as a resource for anyone looking for information about modern weapons. The weapons on this site must be real weapons with actual specifications that can be verified. I will delete any that are not able to be verified.

Feel Free To Add Your Information As NecessaryEdit

This is a free resource for those who hunt and need information on a certain weapon or an ammunition type. If you find that information for a weapon or ammunition type is missing, feel free to add this information to the site. Only real weapons are allowed to be listed, and have to be able to be verified as real. No fictional weapons will be allowed. If you have information on an experimental system, it must be marked as such with information source links included.

Latest activityEdit

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